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There is surely a crystal craze going on around the world. What’s the big deal anyways? I bought my first few crystals up in Bushkill, Pennsylvania while attending a yoga retreat. My collection started out small and simple - Botswana Agate, Amethyst, Labradorite, Rose Quartz. Now I have a larger crystal family in all different shapes and sizes and I am ready to share these beauties with you.

Not only are crystals gorgeous and sparkly, they contain so much good energy that can be infused with an intention by the user. Crystals are a sacred gift from Mother Nature. Since they are naturally formed within the earth, they contain a grounding and nurturing energy. Crystals connect to the body on a subtle level, transforming and harmonizing any negative and scattered energy. That’s why if you hold a crystal during an anxious moment, you will soon feel an ease in tension because that energy was absorbed by the crystal.

Majority of my creations and art contain some sort of crystal or gift from the earth. As much as you like buying jewelry and crystals, I love creating it. I get to work with the crystals while chanting mantras, listening to music and hanging out in nature. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with these gifts straight from the earth.

Crystals have their own unique vibration. Always treat them with love and care. They love to be showed off in a clean space surrounded by other crystals, shells and plants. They love to moonbathe on windowsills and take the sun in the summertime. They will be your best friend in times of stress. Feel free to leave on top of your desk at work and enjoy the view. Crystals can be used to decorate your home, worn around your body, placed in your pocket or bag, and even in your car. They really can be placed anywhere!

Creating Your Altar

Clear out a quiet, clean space in your home and start creating your altar. An altar is a power place for you to meditate and connect with yourself and Spirit. Crystals love to meditate with you and assist in your healing journey. They can be placed on the altar alongside flowers, shells, fresh herbs, pictures of ancestors or deities, memorabilia and anything else dear to your heart.

An altar is a place you can go to for peace. Asking for assistance from Spirit and writing out any concerns or worries - it's a great way to release any heavy emotions and daily stressors. Light a candle. Say a prayer. And start fresh.

What’s your favorite crystals? Let me know in the comments below!


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