1 on 1 Sessions with Jessica

We provide local 1 on 1 training sessions. All 1 on 1 classes are guided by myself, and will be just you and I. Check out which sessions we offer below, you can purchase a session on this page by clicking any of the links below. If you have any questions at all, click HERE to get in touch with me and I'll  surely respond quickly.

1 on 1 Sessions - All sessions are based on your skill level whether you are just being introduced, already consider yourself an intermediate or advanced

  • 1 HR Meditation
  • 1 HR Private yoga
  • 1 HR Moon prayer training

My Certifications

  • 200hr RYT with Meghan Currie - The Exquisite Metta-Morphosis Training '18
  • 200 hr RYT from Laughing Lotus NYC 2014
  • 50hr Advanced Fly Training @ Lotus 2015
  • 47hr Ancient India Studies Certificate 2017
  • Reiki Healer - Level 1 2017

Here is where you can book one on one yoga sessions or healing sessions. Private yoga lessons are recommended for anyone looking to learn in a quiet space with more individualized love and attention. If you are looking for a one on one healing session please review our choices of Reiki, Sound Medicine, Crystal Healing, or Cranial Therapy. In home or studio sessions are available. These one on one sessions can be booked right here on the healing sessions page.

Yoga sessions connect movement with breath to stretch, lengthen and expand through your physical and emotional bodies. Each session is designed specifically for the client at hand. This is a great option for anyone that does not feel comfortable in a class setting, has physical limitations or really just wants more undivided attention and care. Includes a yoga flow, pranayama, hands-on assists and cranial therapy during savasana. Beginners-Advanced students.

Working with the subtle body, crystals assist in re-aligning and balancing your chakras so you can feel more in touch, grounded and clear-headed. Sound Medicine sessions can be done online or in-person. Using various medicine tools or instruments, I invite you to fully surrender into the magical sounds around you. I invite you to connect with your breath and a mantra to keep your heart open and your body fully relaxed. Cranial Therapy, also known as a head massage is a great way to relax and let your mind rest. Allow your body to fully surrender into a safe space and let your worries drift away. You are welcomed to pick an essential oil of your choice.

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui. It's a modern healing technique where energy is channeled through me to you, restoring physical and emotional well-being. This method of healing connects with the subtle body, aligning and balancing the chakras. Meditation Sessions are also offered online or in-person. During these meditation sessions I will teach you different breathing techniques and create a guided meditation to promote inner well-being and assist with unwanted stress.

This page will allow you to combine three different healing modalities to create your own healings session.