Our Home Page Described

The homepage is home base, a place where you can shop and see what's new. This is where you can find testimonials about Jessica Moroz, jewelry designer and yoga teacher. This is where you can learn about her mission statement and what Moroz Designs Co. is all about. Jessica Moroz’s certifications and accreditations are listed on the homepage. If you scroll down to new products you'll see a tab for one on one sessions with a choice of Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Crystal Healing, or Sound Medicine. There will also be an option to customize and create your very own combination healing session. Here is the place you can find the direct email and contact info to touch base with Moroz Designs Co. Scroll down to enter your email and receive discounts on upcoming yoga retreats, free classes, and exclusive coupon codes on selected jewelry and healing crystals. Receive access to exclusive online yoga and meditation videos and classes.

Every few months there will be a new line of jewelry and crystals up for sale. Each product will have an in-depth description with crystal meanings. The homepage is a place where you can learn about the brand and their dedication to supporting and preserving mother nature. Also, 3% of products sold will be donated to the Love Serve Remember Foundation - a foundation dedicated to preserving and continuing the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba and Ram Dass. To learn more about their unique and profound teachings please check out the blog on our website.