Crystals are a sacred gift from Mother Nature. Since they are naturally formed within the earth, they contain a grounding and nurturing energy.  Crystals connect to the body on a subtle level, transforming and harmonizing any negative and scattered energy. This is why when holding a stone during an anxious moment, you will feel an ease in tension because the crystal will absorb that energy. According to Melody in “Love is in the Earth” the common crystal known as quartz is a powerful healer that interacts with the brain waves to induce a calming effect.  Clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine and amethyst are some variations of the quartz crystal. Crystals are a great healing tool in the way they react with the etheric or outer bodies first to then help restore the physical body. That is why meditating with crystals is so healing. We have the crystal chakra sets for sale which are great to use laying down and placed on different areas of the body.
Crystals can be used to decorate your home, worn around your body, placed in your pocket or bag, and even in your car. They really can be placed anywhere!  Clearing out a quiet, clean space in your home is a start to creating your altar - which is a power place for you to meditate and connect with yourself and Spirit. Crystals can be placed on the altar with fresh herbs, pictures of ancestors or dieties, memorabilia and anything else dear to your heart.
Each crystal on the site is cleansed under the moonlight and immersed in himalayan sea salt. Crystal descriptions are available under each crystal product and necklace. Palo santo, sage, incense, crystal bundles and altar kits are just one click away. And if you would like your own personalized Crystal Healing session check out the 1:1 sessions.