Rose Quartz Palm Stones

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Palm stones are the perfect companion in any situation.  There are so many nadis or energy pathways in your hands.  When holding something in your hand the nadis will connect with that object and transmit energy to it.  That’s why when you hold a palm stone for just a few minutes you will feel more grounded, relaxed and in touch.  Crystals absorb energy so if you are feeling anxious, unsettled or scattered, hold a palm stone and breathe.  Carrying a palm stone in your bag or in the car is the best medicine. 

ROSE QUARTZ is the classic love crystal, rose quartz is legendary for its ability to heal a heartbreak, attract new love, and open hearts to new levels of forgiveness, compassion, and love, love, love. Don't be fooled into thinking this crystal is lightweight by its candy-pink hue, as rose quartz is one of the most nurturing crystals in the crystal kingdom. All of life's many forms of love- romantic, family, self-love, Universal - are strengthened by powerful rose quartz. The crystal of Venus, goddess of love and beauty, try adding rose quartz to your bath to transform bathing into a love-filled, healing ritual. When feeling emotionally low, place a Rose Quartz on your chest and visualize a gentle pink light filling your heart space, lifting all heaviness away...

~Crystal excerpt is from Yulia Van Doren's new book, Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing.


Medium 2.5-3.3oz / 4.7 x 4.5 inches

Large 4oz / 5.2 x 4.9 inches

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