Client Testimonials

"I started taking Jessica’s classes about a year ago. At that time, I had been practicing yoga for almost 3 years but started to catch myself feeling bored with the same 5 rounds of "sun salutations" and was craving something that wouldn’t just be a physical workout but a spiritual experience as well. It’s been almost a year, and I never get bored with her routine. I love how she combines the physical practice and development alongside spirituality. Her classes include harmonium sound baths, yummy essential oils, sage burning, guided meditations and of course my favorite “head massage” during savasana. I Highly, highly recommend Jessica’s classes."

-Mariya Grishin, CPA + Processing Engineer

"I've been taking sunday yoga with Jessica through my local gym for about a year now and I feel stronger and have much better posture. She has a very soothing voice and ends the work out with a cranial massage. I leave her class feeling peaceful and ready for the world. I also travelled to Nicaragua with Jessica to attend a Yoga retreat - it was well organized in a wonderful place called Verdad at Costa Dulce, it was simply marvelous. She is a gem!"

-Claudine Aquino, Account Manager at Altios International

"I have attended Jessica’s yoga and meditation classes. She brings a unique and vibrant aura to spiritual practice. Jessica is pure light and leads with an open heart and soul. I always feel elevated after her classes - she is innovative and fluid. A dedicated teacher who gently guides her students with love."

- Lisa Laurie, Legal Affairs at BNYMELLON