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1:1 Sessions

YOGA connects movement with breath to stretch, lengthen and expand through your physical and emotional bodies. My teachings are unique in the way we work together to slow things down so you can listen and feel it all - creating a more mindful practice. Sessions include a Yoga Flow catered to you and your intention, pranayama and meditation, hands on assists, and cranial therapy with essential oils.

REIKI is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui. It's a modern healing technique where energy is channeled through me to you, restoring physical and emotional well-being. This method of healing connects with the subtle body, aligning and balancing the chakras.

SOUND MEDICINE Place a hand over your chest and feel your heartbeat. There is a rhythm there, a consistent and constant beat. This same beat travels through every inch of your body and beyond. When we connect with sound, there is a mirroring to your own inner drum or heart beat. It is like a musical meditation traveling through every cell and unleashing any stagnant or dense spaces within. During this Sound Medicine session I will combine sacred sounds in a specific order to bring you to a state of peace. A moment to surrender into whats beneath you and trust that you have support no matter where you go.

MEDITATION & PRANAYAMA sessions are offered online or in-person. During these meditation sessions I will teach you different breathing techniques and create a guided meditation to promote well being and assist with stress. I will help you to form your own meditation practice where you can connect with your peaceful state at any time of the day. Breathing exercises also known as Pranayama, will increase Prana, or the life force circulating within your body. Prana helps to increase the oxygen to every cell in your body, especially your brain. This will help you to feel more clear headed and in touch with life.

CRANIAL THERAPY is also known as a head massage and its a great way to surrender and let your mind rest. This session focuses on the higher chakras: the throat, third eye and crown. The crown of your head is such a sacred and delicate space. This is where the crown chakra sits, connecting your physical body to other realms. Imagine your crown to be a flashlight shining bright opening up to something greater than yourself and this physical world.

CRYSTAL HEALING works with a variety of crystals laid on and around the body for the ultimate healing experience. Crystals are a sacred gift from Mother Nature. Since they are naturally formed within the earth, they contain a grounding and nurturing energy. Crystals connect to the body on a subtle level, transforming and harmonizing any negative and scattered energy. This is why when holding a stone during an anxious moment, you will feel an ease in tension because the crystal will absorb that energy.