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This Halite is super unique with her light pink tone and sacred geometry. You can get lost gazing at every pink sparkle, following her white cubic formations.

HALITE: This salt crystal is a purifier of energies and environments. formed from the salt of evaporated ancient cities, it's delicate pink color is caused by tiny sea creatures. Halite works hard to help evaporate emotional traumas, heartbreak, and sadness. It can bring fresh clarity to situations of the heart. Do you have a hunch that the relationship you're in isn't so healthy? Do some of your friends or family always leave you feeling more drained than supported? Are you am an emotional empath, meaning are you attached emotionally by other people stuff in a way that destabilizes you? Halite will help you separate yourself from toxic situations and people by clearing out whatever and whoever needs to leave your life. A great crystal for bedrooms, halite will stay hard at work cleansing and clearing while you snooze.
~ Descriptions are from Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren

This crystal is associated with the heart chakra. Chakras are located within the subtle body along the spine. Imagine your spine to be a super highway with six major intersections (chakras) with the seventh intersection at the top branching out to other highways (other realms). Sometimes these intersections can get blocked and stagnant - fortunately, crystals help to clear these intersections bringing the mental, emotional and physical bodies into harmony.

Heart Space: Anahata, the fourth chakra.

All crystals are cleansed with sound energy and selenite.

Product details
Weighs approximately 3.1oz
Measures approximately (length x width x height) 7.5 x 5.5 x 2cm

Note: Halite is a sodium mineral also known as rock salt so it melts in wet environments. Be sure to keep clusters very dry and away from humid areas like the bathroom.

Disclaimer: Crystals shown are for illustration purposes only to demonstrate variation in appearance. Stones supplied will be very similar but not identical. Posted pictures are to provide an idea of the typical mix of sizes, colors and shapes available. As these are natural items please allow for a little variance from item to item.


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