Reiki Healing Circle FREE

Reiki Healing Circle FREE

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 Join us for two FREE Reiki Healing Circles - one in-person & one virtually.

August 17th in-person (details below)

August 24th 5:30pm virtually via Zoom - once you sign up you will receive all details.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing on all levels of our being - physical, emotional and spiritual. Rei stands for spiritual wisdom and Ki stands for life energy. Therefore, Reiki stands for "spiritually guided life force energy." Reiki moves vital life force/universal energy through the giver by touch or at a distance to the receiver. The life energy that flows through the body is guided by spiritual consciousness and is always for the receivers highest good"


August 17th 7-9pm New Moon Reiki Circle

Location: The Conference House Park 

298 Satterlee St - we will meet on the grass closest to the street.

What to expect:

  • Guided Meditation + Intention Setting
  • Distance Reiki + Holy Fire® Reiki Experience by Jessica Moroz
  • *Optional* Hands on Reiki from newly trained Reiki Practitioners

What to bring:

  • Blanket to lay on
  • Cushion or blanket for meditation
  • Water
  • Journal + Pen
  • Mask (Optional)

There will be an option to receive hands-on Reiki and/or Distance Reiki.

  • Those that are COVID concerned can safely distance and wear a mask. You will receive no hands-on Reiki.
  • Those that are comfortable receiving Reiki hands-on please let me know upon arrival.

Please reach out to Jessica if you have any questions or concerns @ 9179717935

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