Reiki Level 1 Training

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Want to become a reiki practitioner and learn more about healing work? 

Do you feel this intense desire to connect with yourself and those around you more deeply? Are you on your own healing journey wishing to learn more about the subtle aspects of your being and the power of Spirit? Do you feel energy or Shakti circulating within and around you?

This might just be the perfect time to explore deeper into your Self and your gifts. Reiki is the perfect tool to dive deeper into healing work on yourself and others!


Reiki Level 1 Training

Saturday April 18th 10-5pm - Principles + Attunement

Sunday April 19th 3-5:30pm - Group Practice + Tea Time

Location: 311 Sharrott ave, right side apt



*There are limited spots for this training, reserve ASAP*


This training will certify you as a 1st degree Reiki practitioner under the Usui and Holy Fire Reiki lineage. You will be able to offer full Reiki sessions to yourself and others after the completion of this training. 

During this Reiki 1 training you will learn:

  • the Reiki History
  • the Reiki Principles
  • the hand placements for treating yourself and others
  • basics of healing work
  • how to work with clients


“Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing on all levels of our being- physical, emotional and spiritual . Rei stands for spiritual wisdom and Ki stands for life energy . Ki is the primary energy that animates our body and is the current behind our emotions, thoughts and spiritual life. Therefore Reiki stands for “spiritually guided life force energy.” Reiki moves vital life force/universal life energy through the giver by touch or at a distance to the receiver. The life energy that flows through the body is guided by spiritual consciousness and is always for the receivers highest good.”

~ Written by Ashley Seymour, my beautiful teacher that specializes in Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Thai Massage Therapy.


Details of Training:

Day 1 - Saturday April 18th 10-5pm

Opening Meditation

History & Principles of Reiki

Hand placements and practice on one another

Attunement Ceremony

Closing Meditation and certificates

1 hour Lunch Break 


Day 2 - Sunday April 19th 3-5:30pm

This day is a more relaxed vibe, a time to reflect and ask any questions that you might have. This is also an opportunity to get more practice in and enjoy some Reiki Love from one another.  We will enjoy fruit & tea together.


Payment & Other Details:


No Refunds.

* Please message me with any questions or concerns you might have. If you cannot make these dates please contact me for future trainings *

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