Unisex Traditional Wooden Mala

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It’s time to invite in a bit of earth energy into your life.  If you are feeling out of balance, scattered, worried or anxious, the best thing you can do is get close to the earth.  Take a moment to lay out on the floor and just be.  Allow your body to sink into the ground and remind yourself that you are safe.  Mama Earth embodies the qualities of a mother - loving, grounding, nurturing, stable and strong.  When we meditate and wear this Mala we are inviting in these qualities, we remember our stability and infinite beauty.

Traditionally, Malas are worn around the neck with the tassel and guru bead placed at the back of the neck and the necklace placed inside of the shirt.  This wooden Mala is more traditional and simple - it is the perfect companion for men and women. Feel free to wear this Mala around your neck and for some, the wrist. This listing is for (1) Traditional Wooden Mala.

What are chakras?

This Wooden Mala is associated with the first chakra. Chakras are located within the subtle body along the spine. Imagine your spine to be a super highway with six major intersections (chakras) with the seventh intersection at the top branching out to other highways (other realms).  Sometimes these intersections can get blocked and stagnant - fortunately, crystals help to clear these intersections bringing the mental, emotional and physical bodies into harmony.

Root: Muladhara, first chakra

Product Details

Beads: Natural wood, Thuja Sutchuenensis

Size: 6mm or 8mm

Thread: Stretchy brown thread

Knots: there are no knots present

Length: 18 inches

Note: this mala is lightly scented with a protection oil, creating an earthy aromatic scent.

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